Disruptive Pattern Material (DPM) is a description of the function of camouflage. Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) is a class of machine learning frameworks that is frequently used to generate images. Machine learning is often referred to as artificial intelligence (AI). Both of these technologies began and to some extent are defined by their imitation of the natural world. Mimicking the natural world.

These two technologies are used by artists, militaries and as cultural symbols. Folding them into one another expanding their ideas beyond their logical or useful limits is how the camouflage patterns for DPM∧GAN are created. They are created by training a Style GAN on a collection of military camouflage patterns from around the world and throughout history. The GAN then generates new camouflage patterns in a way mimicking the mimicry of nature. mechanizing the evolutionary process of camouflage The physical framework presenting mounting, holding, supporting, & accompanying these new DPMs are also mimicking natural forms. These forms are made using a process called Topology Optimization; it is often falsely referred to as generative design. Generative design grows forms between and according to its defined parameters. Topology Optimization which I have begun thinking of as Degenerative Design eats away at the unnecessary material of a form that is first modeled. Starting with a boring, functional, blocky form after the degenerative process, what remains is alien organic forms. trees, fingers, bones

I can not help but think about my our fascination with patterns and camouflage while I hike in the forest. How naturally attuned to finding breaks in these patterns we are as a species. How the smallest seemingly perfectly camouflaged fungi can grab our attention and draw us in. As you learn more about the complex interconnected and interdependence of all organisms it feels strangely mechanical or networked. or maybe our networks feel fungal Simultaneously as our technologies continue evolving they often feel sometimes terrifyingly organic. Let's use these things together to better understand and protect our people and our planet while also not dismissing the power to do harm or good of our technological advancement.